Birth & Immediate Postpartum Period         

I attend births along with an assistant.  During the labor and birth I provide hands on and emotional support as desired and encourage/guide other support persons in responding to your needs.  I provide labor assessment, fetal monitoring, labor and birth assistance.  You are encouraged to eat and drink to keep up your energy.   You are able to move around freely, rest or soak in a warm pool of water in the comfort of your own home.   You are able to birth in the location and position of your choice.  If need be, I will offer suggestions to facilitate the easiest and safest passage for both you and baby.   

At the time of birth the baby goes directly into your arms and the umbilical cord is left to pulse as the baby transitions to the outside world.   All assessments for you and baby can be made with the baby in your arms or within arms reach.  

After the birth we stay at your home for an average of 3-4 hours.  During that time I continue to monitor you and baby.   After the family has had some undisturbed bonding time and the baby has nursed, I do a thorough head to toe newborn assessment, weigh and measure the baby.  I examine you for any tearing and make sure that bleeding is within normal limits.  Before leaving we tidy the home, provide the family with postpartm instructions,  make sure that you have been able to use the bathroom, baby has nursed, and any questions have been addressed.   

Postpartum Care                                                                                                                                                               
The first postpartum home visit takes place between 24 -48 hours after the birth and then again at one week.  When there are special needs in the first week, I will visit more often and/or refer to appropriate services. Additional appointments, up to 12 weeks after the birth, will take place at my office. Information and services to include: postpartum exams, newborn exam, breastfeeding support, weight checks for baby, and newborn screening tests.  Ample time will be allowed for the parents to ask questions about and process the birth and to address baby care questions.

l fill out and file a birth certificate with the state of Missouri.  When the birth certificate is filed a Social Security number will be issued for the baby and the card will be mailed to the family.

Prenatal Care

Free one hour consultation visit.  During this visit we have the opportunity to ask each other questions to see if homebirth is a good option for you and to allow you to determine if my style and the services provided are the right fit for you.

If you choose my midwifery services,  you will have a prenatal visit once a month until the 28th week, then every other week until 36 weeks, then weekly until the birth of your baby.   I am comfortable offering a reduced schedule of visits when the pregnancy is progressing smoothly.  We will meet more frequently if there is something we need to monitor more closely.  Most of the prenatal visits will take place in the office.  At least one prenatal visit will take place in your home around the 36th week of your pregnancy.  

Prenatal appointments typically last about one hour.  During these visits we get to know each other, discuss your hopes and fears, and talk about any discomforts you may be having.  I provide nutritional, lifestyle and herbal information to assist in promoting a healthy pregnancy.  I monitor blood pressure, do urinalysis, fetal heart rate, uterine growth, checking the position of the baby, and offer a variety of prenatal lab testing.  Clients are offered gestational diabetes screening, a Group B Strep (GBS) test and additional blood work such as a "Prenatal Panel."  

During the prenatal period clients are provided with information and suggestions for further reading to make an informed decision regarding the following diagnostic tests, treatments or procedures; Group B Strep, gestational diabetes, ultrasound, newborn screening test, vitamin K and antibiotic eye ointment for the newborn, circumcision and RhoGAM for Rh negative mothers. 

A lending library of books and DVDs are available.

I like to develop a partnership with each client.           I acknowledge and love that every family and pregnant person's needs, questions, perspective and desires are different and that each birth is unique!  I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people.  To all the families I have come to know and love - thank you for sharing such an intimate and important part of your lives!  To all the families considering my services - I welcome the opportunity to get to know and serve you.

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