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About Jennifer

I have had two home births with the assistance of a midwife after having a c-section (HBAC).  My birth experiences have provided me with strong confidence in the birthing process, sparking my desire to support and empower women during such a powerful yet potentially vulnerable time in their lives.  

Before having children, I earned a Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) from Illinois State University and worked in the mental health field as a case manager and a crisis counselor.           

In 1995 I began studying herbal medicine and making herbal preparations.  Herbal and natural healing modalities are always my first choice for common ailments and discomforts.   

My interest in becoming a birth worker began in 2000 and I started attending births as a doula that same year.  My education and training in the field of midwifery has been comprised of an apprenticeship with an experienced homebirth midwife, self and group study, and a clinical internship at a free-standing birth center in Texas.  I received the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential in 2010.  

In addition to the great pleasure it gives me to work with so many amazing families as a midwife, my life is full and busy.  I would not have it any other way!  When I find time I enjoy gardening, camping, kayaking, and going to see live music.  I live with my husband, two of our daughters whom we homeschool, and multiple pets that I also consider part of my family. My oldest daughter started college in the Fall of 2016! It's so exciting to witness and support her during this transition.  I am finding that it is similar to my partnership with clients - actively listening, providing information, guidance and support when needed, and respecting informed decisions.  

Jennifer Konkol, CPM

Jennifer Konkol, CPM Homebirth Midwife with Peaceful Beginnings Midwifery

Our Midwifery Partnership

The families we care for work with both midwives.  We believe that for good continuity of care it is important for each client to have what we refer to as a primary midwife. Your primary midwife is available via phone, email, and text to address any questions or concerns you may have in-between prenatal or postpartum visits, and is responsible for communicating with you about any lab results.  Both midwives are available for prenatal visits throughout your pregnancy.  Scheduling appointments with both midwives allows everyone ample time to get to know each other before the birth.  

Jennifer and Barbara most often attend births together.  Each midwife may take days off-call per month at which time the other midwife will be available to address your needs.  When one midwife is off-call, the on-call midwife along with a qualified assistant would be available to attend your birth.  This arrangement allows both midwives the opportunity to attend midwifery related education events, take weekend trips with our families, or commit to being at a child's birthday party. 

Throughout your care and on the day of your baby's birth you will be provided with the undivided attention of an attentive, competent midwife. 

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Our Philosophy 

We strive to provide our clients with holistic care tailored to the needs of each individual woman and family. We believe that pregnancy and birth are natural transition times in our lives and that homebirth allows for a smooth transition for the whole family.  We view the mother as the one true care provider for her unborn baby. 

We see our role as a midwives as someone to provide education, guidance, and encouragement while monitoring the health and well being of mother and baby.  We are diligent in monitoring and promoting the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period.  We attempt to provide evidence based information, so the mother and her partner can make informed decisions.       


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 About The midwives

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   Barbara Gremaud, CPM

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Barbara Gremaud, CPM

About Barbara

I became very interested in pregnancy and childbirth as a teenager after watching one of my older sisters give birth to her second baby at home.

In 1993 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St. Louis University, always with my mind on one day becoming a midwife.

Three of my children were born at home in 1996, 2001 and 2004 with the help of Missouri midwives. In my most recent pregnancy I experienced a miscarriage.  Although with us for a short time in June and July of 2014, our fourth baby is held closely to my heart. My husband Milo and I are so happy to have the opportunity to know these beautiful children. 

Jennifer Konkol and I have worked together continuously since July of 2010. I am so grateful to her for mentoring me with such gentleness all along the way. We truly enjoy working alongside each other. I became a CPM in 2014. Better late than never! 

It makes me happy to provide individualized care to women during this special time in their lives. One area of expertise is in breastfeeding education and support; I was a La Leche League Leader from 2003-2016. I am also interested in health promotion primarily through diet, exercise, the use of herbs, natural remedies and alternative healing modalities. 

Barbara Gremaud, CPM